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1st Rural Dialogue 2018

Rural development is the process of improving the quality of life and economic well-being of people living in rural areas. Education, entrepreneurship, physical infrastructure and social infrastructure all play an important role in developing rural regions. This involves a host of multi-sectorial activities, including the improvement of agriculture, promotion of rural industries, creation of requisite infrastructure and social overheads, as well as establishment of appropriate decentralized structures in order to allow mass participation.

To bring this idea and increased participation of people in rural development process, Innovior along with All India Institute of Local Self Government (AIILSG) in association with Centre for Rural Technology- IIT Guwahati is organising the 1st Rural Dialogue 2018. The dialogue will bring together leading policy makers, technocrats, village level entrepreneurs, financial institutions, district administration, village panchayats and renowned experts to exchange experiences and good practices on issues related to innovation in rural areas and provide awareness on various potential solutions.

It will be a networking platform to discuss how innovation can help rural areas and identify the best possible models for the rural communities. It will also showcase cutting-edge technology, latest innovations, useful and replicable ideas and actions on various aspects of rural development.

Innovior is a non-profit social enterprise led by passionate entrepreneurs, industrialists, and senior Indian Administrative Service officers supporting in catalysing sustainable development through state-of-the-art technology across India for rural livelihood transformation. We have a wide ranging development approach. The prime objective is to create and support meaningful technology through innovative institutions and address some of India’s most pressing developmental challenges. Our leadership team works with a network of IIT’s, IIM’s, multilateral, bilateral agencies and other research institutions to develop a prototype or business model that has proven viability in rural settings and potential for scalability. We have developed innovative technologies for clean water, waste management, energy, education, agriculture and healthcare helping in increasing equitable, affordable, sustainable energy access to achieve social and economic development of the people.


AIILSG is a premier institute working towards strengthening and reinforcing urban local governance. For nearly nine decades it has contributed to the principles and practice of urban governance, education, research and capacity building. In all that AIILSG has done, it has taken care to work with a full range of stakeholders – grassroots organizations, NGOs, ULBs, state and national governments, international organizations, organizations of the UN, research organizations and universities. Among international agencies, it has been working closely with World Bank, UNICEF, UNDP, UN-HABITAT, USAID, UNESCO, DFID, GIZ, CITYNET and others in carrying out various developmental programmes for enhanced urban development and management.


About Co-Organiser

Centre for Rural Technology- IIT Guwahati

With a commitment to improve the lifestyle and economy of the rural people of the Nation, IIT Guwahati has established the Centre for Rural Technology in 2016. The primary role of the Centre is to promote multi-disciplinary activities; providing science and technology solutions, capacity building, providing consultancies etc. for the rural sector especially in the North Eastern India. Currently, faculty members are associated with the Centre with expertise in diverse areas such as Economics, Biotechnology, Environmental technology, Food Technology, Mechanical engineering, Agriculture, Civil Engineering, Design etc. Along with interdisciplinary Research & Development projects many extension activities are now undertaken by the faculty members. The Centre has also started academic programmes, namely, Ph.D. and M.Tech. (Rural Technology) focussed on need-driven projects. The centre in close collaboration with NGOs, voluntary organizations, R&D institutes, Government programs/ schemes will contribute meaningfully to mitigate the crippling issues like poverty, unemployment, improper water and sanitation, waste management, lack of energy, inadequate agri-processing etc.




Welcome and Registration/ Lighting of Lamp


Theme 1:

Innovation to Enhance Prosperity and Well-being of Rural Communities


Lunch Break


Theme 2:

Creating Jobs and Economic Opportunity Through Innovation

14.00- 17.00

Tea Break


Rural Entrepreneur Round table Discussion


Rural Exhibitor Show/ Posters


Lunch Break


Theme 3:

Megatrends and Technological Change: Rural Areas as Places of Opportunity


Tea Break


Theme 4:

  • A. Supporting Businesses to Innovate
  • B. Rural Policy and Future Governance

Closing Session


Partners and Participating Organisations

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